It’s that time of the year again…

April 27, 2012 § Leave a comment

About 20 PCT miles from the mexican border hikers are gathering. Accomplished thru-hikers, thru-hikers to be, section hikers, trail angels and PCT fans are getting together in Lake Morena this week-end for this year’s kick-off. Some 2012 thru-hikers have already tackled several miles of the PCT and will hitch a ride south to join the festivities. They’ll pick up the trail where they left it once the party is over. But most thru-hikers will make their first steps on the trail in the next few days.

It’s been one year. There is nostalgia from the memory of our time there and there is sadness at the thought that we won’t be there this year and that we won’t meet old friends. Among the people at kick-off there will be some of the friends we made on the trail. For some it’s only to attend kick-off, for others the PCT is calling again and they’re answering.

If, like them, you’re hungry for more PCT adventures this summer, you can follow their footsteps on their blogs: Scarecrow – AdventureCrow, Life As The Crow Flies – is in for a second thru-hike as is Busted Magic – Hike your own Hike. Early Girl and Waterboy – Early Girl and Waterboy’s 2012 Pacific Crest Trail Journal – are going back to complete the miles left till Canada.

You can find other journals on the  Pacific Crest Trail Association website, on Postholer and on Trail Journals.

And if you love hiking stories but would like something different, you can follow Condor – The Hike Guy.  He’s heading for another trail this June, the Sierra High Route. Check out his trail journals, he’s a wonderful artist.

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